Acting Up with Skyler Caleb & Steve Moulton

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  • Skyler and Steve recap their live event at The Actor's Market and discuss the possibility of a superfan they saw on the way to the studio with the license plate ACTNG UP.
  • MockFest/ShockFest Film Festival's Operations Manager and Co-Founder Alesha Claveria talks about the festival's 4th year coming this weekend (and her film review blog), with Kate Zoia, who will be part of the festival's promotions
  • Lara Everly joins to talk about her two nominated shorts, Pink Sweat and Showbiz News
  • Aline Elasmar joins to talk about her nomination for Best Actress in the film Undercover, and her stint on the TV show Huge
  • Dawn Cobalt joins with Maria Cobalt to talk about her nominated music video Kill For You, for the band Aces High
  • Phone guest Patricia Rae talks of of her Best Actress nomination for the film Silverlake Video: The Movie
  • Phone guest Natasha Kizmet calls in to talk of her film Natasha Kizmet: The Movie, nominated for 3 awards
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