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  • Steve, and guests Sanford Holsapple and Christina Thurston decide at the top of the show what Halloween themed items Skyler must run around town and get
  • Skyler gets on the phone and leaves the studio in search of things, armed with engineer "Hippie" running alongside with a video camera.
  • Bring back a pumpkin (1 point)
  • Get a picture of a cat (10 points, 15 if it's black)
  • Get candy for free (5 points, 15 if it's from a trick-or-treating)
  • Make someone do the "thriller" dance (10 points)
  • Capture a tender moment on film (7 points)
  • Capture a violent moment on film (17 points)
  • Get your face painted (30 points)
  • Get a picture with a goat (10 points, 15 if the goat has a hat)
  • Bring back a chicken egg (10 points)
  • Find a shoe (22 points, 24 if there's a foot in it)
  • Have a stranger provide an audio drop "You're listening to Acting Up w/ Skyler & Steve" (40 points)
  • Also listen for teen star Nate Hartley's creepy Halloween phone call. Something is definitely wrong with that kid!
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