Acting Up with Skyler Caleb & Steve Moulton

this episode with
Charlie Sanders,
Mike Alber,
Gabe Snyder!

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Adrenaline Radio

  • Skyler and Steve enter their third year on the air and catch up on recent auditions. Steve debuts his Tom Leykis impression
  • They're joined by the guys From MTV's Death Valley (Mondays 9:30PST/8:30Central) - actor Charlie Sanders and writers Mike Alber and Gabe Snyder
  • The guys talk about how they got involved with the show
  • A lengthy debate/voting session breaks out over what type of monster invasion would be most ideal
  • Charlie talks of his character on the show, and always getting to carry a gun
  • Mike and Gabe talk about the writing process on the show
  • A water bottle destroys most of the equipment in the studio
  • Skyler and Steve put the guests in The Pressure Cooker. They live.


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