Acting Up with Skyler Caleb & Steve Moulton

Acting Up's 2 year anniversary show!

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  • Skyler and Steve do their first pre-recorded broadcast, while driving to a Bocce Ball tournament in Santa Barbara, hosted by Waking director Ben Shelton's family
  • talk about 2 years on the air and how some of their thoughts and strategies for the show changed
  • They catch up on recent auditions and Skyler talks of his strategy when auditioning for Raising Hope
  • A lengthy discussion of when to pluralize breakfast foods, with an emphasis on bagel
  • Skyler quizzes Steve on some questions for past guests and give away the location to Ben's property
  • Skyler and Steve answer somelistener e-mails
  • Hours later after the Bocce Ball tournament, Skyler and Steve wrap up the show while driving home
  • The above image is a screen capture from what film? Hint: It's the sequel to Benjamin Button



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