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Adrenaline Radio

  • Skyler and Steve talk of recent auditions, then a bizarre occurance as some radio show hopefuls crash the studio, which Skyler and Steve embrace with a quick interview
  • Jim Meskimen and Tait Ruppert join the guys in the studio to talk about the upcoming Jimpressions show - this Friday and Saturday night!
  • Grab tickets here and we'll see you this weekend for a great show starring Jim, directed by Tait!
  • Jim and Tait talk of their early days of realizing they were going to be in the arts
  • Jim sings an improvised Bob Dylanish song based on a suggestion
  • Steve finds his missing dry cleaning order under the desk in the studio (now soiled)
  • Tait and Jim play a round of Bio Film, based on a suggestion and tons of celeb voice suggestions live on the spot!
  • Jim and Tait are put in The Pressure Cooker, and survive!
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