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  • Skyler and Steve survived the rapture, and Skyler proclaims that Johnny Depp will take over Al Quaeda on Nov. 12 of this year (with hard evidence). Engineer Bryan talks of his comically awful prom experience since the last show.
  • Dan Frischman joins Skyler and Steve in studio, bearing gifts (from the Mens room?) and talks of his recent comedy and magic show
  • Dan talks of his early days doing magic and standup comedy, and living in a house with 7 comics near The Comedy Store
  • Dan tells arguably the greatest real ghost story told on the show so far
  • Dan's experience booking roles early on, leading to his role on Head of the Class
  • Dan tells the story of lighting a birthday girl on fire (accidentally), then performs the trick live in studio, setting Skyler on fire
  • Dan's role on Seinfeld
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