Acting Up with Skyler Caleb & Steve Moulton

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  • A moth storms the studio during the Skyler & Steve opening segment. The episode is dedicated to the memory of another legendary voice actor, Eddie Carroll.
  • Jim Meskimen and Tamra Meskimen join the guys in the studio to talk of all their projects (including both being in Apollo 13!).
  • Jim and Tamra play a hilarious improv game involving what a movie about a historical figure of Skyler and Steve's choosing would be like - as played by a variety of different actors that Skyler and Steve shoot Jim's way. Amazing impressions and laughs!
  • Tamra talks about her acting school -
  • Questions from listeners about getting into voiceover work and lots more!
  • Jim talks about many of his acting gigs, including his time on Fresh Prince, all *6* Ron Howard movies he did, Friends, Malcolm in the Middle,, his recurring role on Parks & Recreation, and tons more!
  • Jim's acting work on audiobooks and his YouTube channel.
  • Video clips from the show:


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