Acting Up with Skyler Caleb & Steve Moulton

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From the work and daily grind to relaxing and going out, we talk about everything here. It might mean working in the City, hanging out in Camden, chilling at home immersed in emails or, going crazy at the night clubs, or enjoying a cuppa. It's anything and everything, whatever listeners get up to in London town! 

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Adrenaline Radio

  • Skyler and Steve talk about their auditions and projects - Skyler's pilot auditions and original short film, and Steve's script getting some momentum.
  • Siri and Jake do Skyler and Steve impressions, if they had been forced to do the show on their own without the hosts.
  • Jake talks about the the differences between LA and London in many ways, including acting.
  • Siri and Jake take calls from listeners about their projects and life in London.
  • Siri talks about her Reiki healing business.
  • Sanford rudely quizzes Siri on Law & Order trivia since she was on it multiple times. Steve and Skyler put Jake and Siri in the Pressure Cooker.
  • Video clips from the show: